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Heli Skiing, Boarding & Heli Hiking Canada

Canadian Mountain Holidays - CMH is the world's leading heli-skiing operator offering their clients some of the best skiing and boarding in the world for over 40 years. CMH was founded in 1965 by the late Hans Gmoser, who at the time had no idea his concept would grow to be what it is today.

Heli-Skiing is the dream of every skier and boarder:

  • Vast virgin slopes of fresh powder
  • No crowded lift lines
  • No rutted slopes
  • No tinselly advertising - just long, free, joyous runs
  • Huge selection of programs - view product offerings
  • The entire CMH heli-ski area covers an area comparable in size to Switzerland
    CMH Heli-skiing's world famous ski areas are located along the British Columbia side of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

All CMH ski areas are huge, the mountain ranges are pristine and breathtaking. The helicopters are rigorously maintained - each lodge has its own engineer - and the pilots are highly experienced. All CMH guides are fully-certified professionals, dedicated to safety, comradeship, and the exhilaration of what is hands-down the world's best skiing.

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    A Evening with CMH Ambassador Roko Koell - July 2017


    Jindabyne - Friday 14th July 5 -7 pm           REGISTER HERE

    Thredbo - Saturday 15th July 5 - 7pm          REGISTER HERE

    Canberra - Monday 17th July 6 - 8pm          REGISTER HERE

    Sydney - Wednesday 19th July 6 - 8pm       REGISTER HERE

    Melbourne - Thursday 20th July 6 -8pm       REGISTER HERE

    Falls Creek - Saturday 22nd July 5 -7pm     REGISTER HERE


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    About Your Tour

    About Your Tour

    There is so much more to CMH than just the heli-skiing!

    Ask a CMH Specialist

    Ask a CMH Specialist

    Speak to a friendly CMH specialist now.

    Toll Free Australia
    1300 SKI CMH
    1300 754 264

    International Callers:
    Sydney Office
    +61 2 9958 9700
    Melbourne Office
    +61 3 9591 5800


    First Time Heli-skiers

    First Time Heli-skiers

    Most people who Heli-Ski are fit, intermediate skiers, people just like you. If you are a mountain resort regular then chances are you will certainly be able to conquer heli-skiing. Below is some very useful information to help you on your way to the ski experience of a lifetime.  


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    About Your Tour

    There is so much more to CMH than just the heli-skiing!