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CMH Galena

Steep and deep skiing among silent pines and pillow lines - Galena is best known for ultra-deep powder and varied, challenging tree skiing. Three major valleys converge close to the lodge, providing access to ski-able areas in most types of weather.

All Galena skiing is done in the Badshot Range of the Selkirks, offering abundant snow, ultra-deep powder, varied terrain, challenging tree skiing, rugged beauty and overall quality skiing. The trees, drop-offs and snow are legendary and galena has a reputation for fun at the lodge - just ask any hardcore guests who come back to Galena year after year.

Galena terrain brings the best out of both guides and guests. The guides typically explain the run from the top and point out the pickup and specific hazards before disappearing from sight in a ball of swirling snow crystals. It would be easy to mistake their hell-bent blast to the next strategic stopping spot as irresponsible, but in fact their reasoning is just the opposite.

Skier Level: While not restricted to experienced Heli-Skiers, Galena is recommended for strong, aggressive skiers only. Skiers and boarders who are new to CMH should only consider Galena if they are technically strong and experienced, physically fit and capable of handling steep tree runs.

Mountain Statistics

SeasonDecember to April
Snowfall Average1,800cm
Lodge Elevation1,050m
Skiing Elevation1,000m - 3,100
Vertical Altitude2,100m
Lodge Capacity44 Guests
Terrain Area1,080 sq. km
Number of Runs332
Mountain RangesSelkirks
Notable RunsMega Bubba, Hanging Gardens,


Getting there

CMH Transportation

Transportation to the Galena is by coach from Kelowna to Trout Lake and then helicopter to the lodge.

Lodge Location

Galena Lodge is located approximately 100km South of Revelstoke

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CMH Galena Lodge

Galena Exterior
The Galena Lodge is located in a wild and remote setting surrounded by some of the most varied and challenging tree skiing available to CMH.

Wake Up

Written by Jeffry a Skier from Bali

You've been dreaming of untracked, steep and deep powder your whole life. Join CMH to be with just a handful of like minded people for the best riding in the world followed up by fantastic dinners and a great time at the bar. Then get up in the morning and do it all over again.



Written by Anrde a Skier from Jindabyne, Australia

I was lucky enough to go heliskiing with my dad and 2 brothers, it was the best holiday I have ever had, the skiing and terrain was out of this world and the dry powder was unbelievable, not to mention the food and great time we had at the lodge.

The entire trip was out of this world, the only problem is how we are going to talk dad into taking us again



Value For Money
Property Facilities


It doesn''t get better than this

Written by Brad a Snowboarder from Avalon, Sydney

When a modest, quietly spoken, veteran guide of 25 years turned with a smile wider than his face and screamed at the top of his lungs "It doesn''t get better than this yyeeeeooooow!" it was only my overwhelming, breathless joy that stopped me doing the same ....after high speed floating over pillow after pillow of deeeep fluffy powder, slicing through what felt like a cloud kilometers long, every turn a face shot of cool, enveloping majestic old growth pines standing proudly on their 45 degree bed, with only the sound of craft blowing rooster tail spray and mates hooting with delight to break the weight of peace...I knew he was right just couldn''t speak..but when that buzz repeated, run after run, day after day there was absolutely no doubt my overwhelming, breathless joy, couldn''t stop me joining the screaming.... "it DOESN"T get any better than this yyeeeoooow!" Galena BC...boarder heaven! 



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Mountain Ranges


Notable Runs

Mega Bubba, Hanging Gardens, Freefall

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